About Us

Nine Star Airways was established in the 2013. The company was bought over by new investors in January 2015. Under the stewardship of our new CEO and Board of Directors, we have undergone a full-fledge transformation and restructuring exercise.

Industry experts and experienced specialists have now joined us, and are deeply entrenched into the plans for our company’s growth and development. We are now ready to serve our customers and be the top choice to the chartered air travel market.

The exponential growth of Low Cost Carriers (LCC) in Asia in the past decade has taken the air travel industry by storm. In addition to taking a large chunk of the air travel business from Full Services Carriers (FSC), LCCs were also able to introduce the choice of air transport to many would-be travelers who were unaware or could not afford the previously costly air tickets.

The latter part of the decade has seen FSCs strategize to counter the growth of LCCs; either through more competitive pricing strategies or evolving its products and services. One thing is for sure, days when air travel was only accessible to the privileged few are now gone; replaced by competitive air fare prices offered by both low cost and full service carriers alike.

Like most other industries, as air travel customers become more savvy and conscious of the choices available to them, they begin to do more research and will make choices based on their personal preferences and requirements. As part of the airline supply chain, we at Nine Star Airways believe that we have the capabilities to provide a bespoke choice of air travel. Compared to procuring the services of scheduled airlines, our customers are given more liberty and freedom to tailor flights according to the dynamics of their requirements. We not only offer services to travel and tour operators, but also to the many private organizations, non-government organizations, sports’ authorities, incentive travel programs, government programs, etc.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard our flights. For inquiries, please visit our CONTACT US page.

See you soon!


Nine Star Airways is confident new born airline with prospects of a strong and secure future, and makes travel not only affordable, but also convenient.

Nine Star Airways will be preferable Hybrid charter Airlines in Thailand that brings moment of touch experienced to our customer by our professional crew in both way “ Safety and Service” We will achieve beyond standard service and reliable, comfortable and efficient operations.

Nine Star Airways will achieve this pre-eminent position by offering a high quality services and reliable, comfortable and efficient operations. At all times, employ Safety Best Practices and continuously evolve to ensure safety is never compromised.

The Nine Star Airways family will consistently deliver a safe, value-based and enjoyable travel experience to all our passengers, just as our motto portrays “Fly Happy”


To become a Global leader as a hybrid charter airlines in 5 years